The Dad Index is the first piece of research exclusively focussed on millennial dads across the whole of Great Britain; their involvement in parenting activities, and their role as consumers. Traditional parent marketing is heavily targeted to mum, and rarely to dad. Yet, as we have reported over the last 3 years, dad’s role is becoming ever more fundamental. We undertook research with over 1200 dads across every region of Great Britain to find how exactly dads’ roles are changing, and why this is more important than ever for organisations to understand.

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"It has long been recognised that there's a wealth of research looking at the needs of mothers and children. There's a shortage of data and information about fathers and fatherhood so it's great to see DaddiLife stepping in to help fill that gap. Fathers are increasingly involved with family life. Understanding exactly what they do for their families and where they need need help and support is critical and good quality research like this is critical in achieving this."

John Adams

Founder, DadBlog UK

"DaddiLife's research provides a vital insight into the way family life in the UK is changing. The findings about millennial dads' involvement in day to day parenting, including purchasing decisions, chimes with our own recent survey of dads, showing a huge and often unmet appetite for flexible working. As more equal parenting becomes the norm, this will have a transformative effect on workplace equality and the most progressive employers and advertisers are responding to this. "

Gillian Nissim

Founder, Working Mums

"In 2018, I’m always surprised by how many brands approach marketing to parents based on outdated stereotypes. It’s fantastic to see in-depth research finally reflect the reality we see on social media. Dad might take charge of cars and electronics, but he’s equally happy to hand that over to Mum while he’s cooking or looking after the little ones at bath-time. Today’s Dads are sharing the parenting journey equally and are increasingly involved in every aspect of family life."

sally whittle, dad index

Sally Whittle

Founder, Tots100

This is one of the more insightful, extensive pieces of research I've seen into the role of today's dad and it's great to see such evidence of the positive impact fathers are having in the lives of their children. The role of dads as nurturers, carers, and consumers when it comes to parenting has been overlooked too often in the past, but the Daddilife study reveals just how much today's fathers are playing a significant part in bringing up their children. Its got plenty of surprises too!"

Get Your Copy 

In the Dad Index 2018 report you will find:

  • A breakdown of dad's involvement in key parenting areas, in line with different ages and salaries.  
  • Specific activities that millennial dads are increasingly taking charge of, and correlated spend patterns.
  • Consumer spend habits across the main categories of parenthood - from grocery shopping through to toys, clothes and more.
  • Regional breakdowns showing where in the UK dads over-index in specific parenting activities and their consumer spend.
  • A break down of how dads are choosing products and where this is being done by dad alone or as a joint decision with partners.

To get your copy of this 30+ page report, please email "dad [at]" with "Dad Index 2018" in the subject line.