Whether you're a first time dad or a dad to many, there are two things we hear about time and time again, that cause much frustration and anguish:

1. The lack of sleep, and

2. An agreement on the baby's name that doesn't result in some kind of nuclear war at home.

Well, in these exclusive mini books we've interviewed a range of experts, and looked at the science around these two huge pressure points for new dads. For a limited time period we're making them FREE to you! Enjoy.

Average reading time: 

1 hour 10 minutes

Mini Book 1: How to survive on three hours sleep a day:

  • What you will get from this mini book:
  • Learn about the science of the sleep deprived.
  • Get fresh advice from the medical experts on how to survive on little to no sleep.
  • Exclusive insights from interviews with The Navy Seals, Firefighters,  The Police and more, who regularly have perform on little sleep. 

Mini Book 2: How to choose your baby's name:

  • What you will get from this mini book:
  • How to examine yours and your partner's heritage for name ideas that are personal
  • A look through popular culture, and how to look beyond to get truly create with bay names.
  • An extensive list of names from A-Z to explore.

Average reading time: 

50 minutes

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